Aideer Climbing

Small scale and custom production of softgoods for aidclimbing and big walls

The "Aideer"

6 step standard aider

A standard six step ladder with a spreader bar integrated in the upper step.
This is a light ladder, but it's not a lightweight aider, this is a full size aider that is easy to handle, very comfy to stand in and ready to handle every task when you work on a wall.

The Aideer
Size, from top (downside of biner):
Upper step, step 1, 30 cm (11.8")
Step 2, 52 cm (20.5")
Step 3, 74 cm (29.1")
Step 4, 105 cm (41.3")
Step 5, 136 cm (53.5")
Step 6, 165 cm (65")
When you stand in a step you stand ~5cm (2") below the above measurements
(except for the upper step with integrated spacer bar).

Weight is 225 gr (7.9 oz) for each ladder.

Webbing in ladder is 20 mm polyester.
Steps are made from 30 mm polyester webbing supported by 20 mm webbing and an integrated plastic bar to keep it open.
Upper step is double 30 mm webbing with an integrated spreader bar of fiberglass.

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